We are one of leading manufacturers regarding thermal mat, thermal sauna mat,
Thermal stone far infra ray healing mat, diverse thermal therapy mat,
thermal sauna dome, sauna shoulder, sauna foot, and thermal convergency thechnolgy healing mat.
We have specialized in thermal healing products since 1999 years.

We can make any thermal healing products by any size, any color,
any technolgy combined, any technology implanted.
We are professional, well organized, and well experienced with invention,
convergency technology, high level quality control for Buyer OEM brand.

We can invent, manufacture, and maintain high level QC for any item, any specs as buyer requesting.
We have global partners in USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, Taiwan,
and many countries regarding our thermal healing mattress.
Our company Strongpoints
1. Professional, Well exerienced, well organized, multi functional, high quality, and competitive as far as thermal sauna mat concerned since 1999 years.
2. Professional and high quality OEM Brand manufacturing for your expanding health and healing porrifolio industry.
3. Convergenting technology
4. Combine technology
5. Innovation
6. Inventiton
7. Innitiative
8. Passion
9. Big Dream
10. Design and share the future together